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We find opportunities for you.

We send you the trade and any subsequent adjustments.

We empower you to execute and watch you build wealth right before your eyes.

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The team at Astute Strategist has 30 years of collective investment experience. We’ve not only survived the most volatile market environments in history, we’ve thrived. We know how to build wealth for ourselves, but now it’s time to give back and share our skills with you.

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We have an arsenal of strategies to optimize return on capital. We don’t have just one blanketed approach or a static screen that tells us what to do. What you get when you are an Astute Insider is access to living, breathing, dynamic, experienced strategists who know what it means to be nimble in the face of rapid change.

Welcome to the Astute Strategist Blog Archive

Extra market color to contextualize trades sent to our Insiders. The blog archive is free and open for your perusal!


Sunny B.

I would recommend Astute Strategist to anyone who wishes to do trading. When I was trading alone on my own, I was sometimes winning and sometimes losing. But once I subscribed to Astute Strategist, I am winning most of the times. Ahlaam uses, fundamental and technical analysis to come up with options trades that mitigates risks while still generating profits. He continuously scans market for opportunities for earning trades and otherwise. He has a measured approach where he minimizes the risks while still giving profits for every options trade


Rahim G.

There are a number of different companies out there offering you ways to trade stocks and options to make money. How do you decide which one to trust? Who’s going to give you the best opinion? Who really knows how to outperform the market? Well, I think…actually, I know I’ve found the answer. I’ve been a subscriber of Astute Strategist for under 6 months and I can honestly say that it’s been more than worth the subscription. My returns have skyrocketed in just over 4 months. I have yet to meet any subscription based company who understands the market like they do, that looks to take advantage of opportunities in any condition of the markets to generate profits. Of course, as we all very well know that not every trade goes your way…but Astute has the capability to mitigate risk and wiggle out and or adjust trades to turn things around.

Ley M.

Learning from Ahlaam helped me quickly grasp the key points of options trading. There is a gap between theories from books and the real market, so working with an experienced trader is critical for anyone who wants to get serious about trading. With one-on-one sessions, I was able to receive personalized knowledge sharing that fits my level. My time was well-spent, and I became more confident to trade. I am grateful to have Ahlaam as a coach and friend

Viki A.

Astute Strategist reads the market incredibly well! Regardless of what the market does they seems to have a way to come out ahead. Thanks to you I have been able to protect my capital while growing it

Sam V.

Year to date, I have yielded just over 155% in the market and couldn’t be pleased with the outcome. Thanks to Astute Strategist!

Spencer N

Ahlaam and Astute Strategist has been absolutely essential to the success I have had in the stock market since joining their subscription service a year ago. I am amazed by the way he has been able to read and predict the market trends. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor, this service will definitely help you achieve your financial goals. I am extremely busy and have never had the time to focus on trading in the market. Ahlaam and Astute Strategist send out newsletters showing the trends and the trades they would be making themselves. This gave me a piece of mind knowing they are financially invested by making the same trades they are suggesting to their subscribers. I will continue to promote their service as I am more than happy with the results and returns I have received. Excellent work