The Dow closed above 25,300 and with the next test being above 25,521. A close above that for the week and we will be testing 25,975. Will we get there? Yes, just as with all good things, it will take time.

The Dow opened up on the day and we ran up, at the time of this post we are above 25,521 and the Dow seems to have its eyes set on 25,975.

The more bullish sentiment we carry, the more we will be getting long equities and short volatility. The instrument? AAPL looks the most attractive to us. At the time of this post, the Dow is up 1.42%, and AAPL is up 2.04%.

This morning we saw opportunity in AAPL and mentioned to subscribers that getting long AAPL on the open would be a great avenue. How? Though we do not day trade, we saw a great opportunity is selling volatility into the strength of this market. Here is a screenshot of the trade;

This trade carries a potential return of 20.19% in 4 days. We placed it this morning and are up 9.13%

Join us on the road to financial prosperity!