Wednesday, March 14th was a day of swinging. We opened up, and by lunchtime, we were down -370 Dow points and could not close above Dow 25,000.

Thursday, March 15th, we looked like we were rallying back, and before the close, again we closed below Dow 25,000.

Friday, March 16th we ran up from Wednesday’s lows, stayed above Dow 25,000 for half day and toward the close we looked to have the hope of closing on the magic Dow 25,000.

The more we look at this market over the past week, Dow 25,000 appears to be the magic number. We are not watching the talking heads on CNBC or Bloomberg, though the more often big round numbers are spoken of, they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

We believe that each of the dips throughout this year are tremendous buying opportunities in companies of value. Companies such as AAPL are where we see value on any and all dips in this market.

Spikes in volatility are the land of opportunity.