We were -1000 Dow points last week? With all these moves higher and the ever strong trending bull, it’s almost a blast from the past (for most).

We are still awaiting the confirmations of the Dow, to be out in the clear. At the time of this post, we are above 25,106 on the Dow. Remember we must close above it, and add additional confirmation with a close above 25,521.

We aren’t charting enthusiasts, nor ones who swear by Fibonacci Retracements. However, support and resistance at big numbers are far too important to ignore. They’re not just arbitrary technical indicators, they’re a culmination of the psychology of all market participants in the aggregate. What is the market if it’s not the behavioral nature of its participants? There was a quote, we’ve never forgotten, that we’d love to share “The trend is your friend, (just not) at the end.” Knowing where the inflection points are is what we focus on.

Subscribers are ecstatic with the returns they have seen in AAPL. At the time of this post, AAPL is trading at 172.60/share.

One of them even mentioned that they yielded 16.5% in less than a week!

There’s strategy, and there’s execution. Astute Strategist brings it all together.