Trends can be a funny thing. On the one hand, we seem to be inclined, on an escalator or elliptical on 100. Numbers don’t lie and the Dow tells all.

A weekly close (today) above 25,300 will lead us to believe that this market is destined to test the more recent highs, perhaps not those of January, but potentially 25,975 area. That will take us roughly 600 Dow point from where we are at the time of this post.

Now the most important question we seem to be faced with on a daily basis. Where to deploy our capital? In our opinion, at this time, AAPL is the centre of our attention.

AAPL has been kind to our subscribers and as appears, investors and traders, with its run from its 151 low to above 170 thus far. Follow the money and we shall yield!

A few subscribers realized great profits today, in? You guessed it, AAPL. ROI’s ranging between 14 to 25% today alone!

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