VIX6 – SPX Trade #5 Update #1

Market Context
Good day again Insiders,

Recall we placed the sale of the call spread in the SPX set to expire on March 15th, 2019. As price action was looking weak, I sent out an update saying that it made sense to take advantage of the weakness the market was showing as we could not close above 2800 for a second day. It is time to lock in a bit of profit on the trade. We sold the 2835-2845 call spread for 1.45 and were filled for a 1.60 credit. At the time of this update, the SPX is down -15 points at 2774. Though I am not overly bullish or bearish yet, anything is possible and protecting our money is always objective number one.
The Trade
We are going to buy 5 contracts of the 2825-2835 call spread for 1.20. This will lock in a profit should the market sit here or move lower, and in the event the market rallies, we have less risk on the table and a huge profit between 2825 and 2835.

Risk & Reward
Placing this adjustment locks in a $1,000 profit if the market sits here or moves lower and if the market bounces we have profit all the way to 2840.