Case Studies

Case Studies

With the use of our systematic hedges to protect our stock positions and nuanced tactical overlays which capitalize on unique market dynamics, we’ve been able to yield returns that have consistently beaten the market.

Our derivatives strategies are not a secret. Their efficacy stems from our market strategists’ approach to hand-crafting hedges that mold to the current market environment to successfully unlock exponential returns.

SPX – A Case Study

Started Investing in January 2016



At the mercy of the market, the Traditional Investor reaped an ROI of 11.25% by December 2016.

Started Investing in January 2016



Through the use of butterflies (a hedging tactic) in highly volatile environments, we were able to yield an ROI of 121.07% by December 2016.

SPX vs. Astute Strategist: 2016 Monthly Returns %


Traditional Investing

Traditional Investing would have returned 2.5%, including dividends.


Astute Strategist

Astute Strategist would have yielded 33.9% while accumulating an additional 35.6% shares with the same amount of starting capital.


Additional shares accumulated for no additional cost


How did we do it ?

Our strategists tactically capitalized on naturally inflated volatility levels around earnings that positioned us for exponential returns prior to earnings being announced. Hedging our Disney stock was effectively done after the earnings bump when it was less costly for us to protect our position.

Bank of America (BAC) Case Study, Financial Crisis ’08-’09

Traditional Investing vs. Astute’s Strategy

Started Investing in March 2008

Financial Crisis A Case Study on Bank Of America


By March 2009, the ROI was -80.42%, as the traditional investor doesn’t know how to adjust his initial position when things don’t go his way.

Started Investing in March 2008

Financial Crisis A Case Study on Bank Of America


By March 2009, ROI was 234.09%, while accumulating 1209.91% more shares!