We are amongst interesting times! This time last week this market looked broken. Indexes, charts, and most investors’ P/L were in the red (but not ours)! How quickly the times change. We went from thinking that this was the big correction that all the “insightful pundits” on CNBC and Bloomberg were talking about each and every time this market hit new highs.

The volatility was welcomed to almost all options traders – that is what they live for! To have the VIX go from a 2-year death to a high of 50, now that’s quite the resurrection!

We’d like to talk for a second about relative strength. It is something that is widely overlooked by far too many investors and traders. The reason? We really can’t say, other than the fact that too many people think in absolute terms and with a recency bias. When this market is down and a stock like AAPL unchanged, if this market decides to stand up on its legs and is ready to resume an uptrend, a stock like AAPL will most likely outperform the market. This is exactly what happened. We had reached out to a few subscribers mentioning that this is what we saw, and they decided to take action.

Each of them realized a return on their capital of greater than 10% in 2 days! Now that’s attractive!

Earlier last week, we had mentioned that AAPL looked attractive around $150/share, at the date of this post, AAPL opened up @ 161.95/share.

With Astute Strategist, this is what you get – bonuses all the time as we see opportunity. No tiers, no additional fees – just good, honest people looking out for your financial future.

Our eyes are open, and value is in sight!