Dow 24,000 cleared and looked to be heading back to the magical 25,000, but of course, President Trump spoke after the close, and things in after-hours got VIXy. At the time of this post, the futures indicate the market opening -300 Dow points.

Having hit a high of 24,610 on the Dow, we seem to have returned to a buyers market. Leave it to the mumbling nonsensical President to shake things up unnecessarily. Regardless of it all, these sell-offs and shakeouts are a good thing. The reason? Simple, there is nowhere else to put your money, and over time, inflows of capital will drive this market up right and forward.

Recall that we urged caution in our post on April 3rd and April 4th when we opened down -500 Dow points. After the open, we saw strong buying come in, and we got long. As Mark Twain says, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Buy orders at the ready!