As of the close Monday, this market seemed to have resumed its very bullish trend. Resistance levels were surpassed with strong buying.

The new Fed Jerome Powell, was in the hot seat and the market really was not having any of it! The market was up and then just did not like what they heard. Investors and traders fleed. When the market was heading higher, prior to its sell-off, we had issued our opinion to subscribers saying we were getting long the 20yr Bond ETF, the TLT.


Since we have purchased the above position, it has proved to be wise. We shall see how long this holds to be true.

Volatility had spiked to 18.83%, it looks like we are getting back to more uncertainty. Time to make use of this volatile environment. Astute Strategists’ VIX6 is going to be the place deploy capital. Whats the VIX6? Contact us to find out more!

To our prosperity,

Astute Strategist