Good day Insiders & soon-to-be Insiders,

A rollercoaster indeed! This market just could not make up its mind. Yet another -1000 point move in the Dow today! Looking to have hit support, things appear on the up & up. Are we only going to higher highs from here? Tough to say. It would be prudent to protect one’s capital given the political instability that is upon us and will be ever apparent in March with the Italian election. Until then it does appear that the violent swings are at least for the very short term behind us. Having the opinion that this market in the long term will have a very strong upward bias, it would be wise for one to purchase stock one wouldn’t mind owning for the long term. Ones that pay dividends and move with this market. Astute isn’t in the business of giving advice, though we will not deny that AAPL was looking quite attractive around the 150 area today.