Good day Insiders & soon-to-be Insiders,

What a wild ride yesterday was! The Dow oscillated between its low of 23,778 and a high of 24,946. That’s quite a range, +/-1000 points!

The VIX (Volatility Index) jumped on the rollercoaster as well. Hitting a high of 50.30 and a low of 22.42! Keep in mind this is an index that all of 2017 saw highs of 17.28.

We did close positive on the day, giving relief to most investors and traders, and the hopes that this market had taken a breather and found a base. This may be true in the short term, though in our opinion we are not out of the woods yet, and we may be on the verge of even more volatility.

The power of volatility is a tool most misused, Astute Strategist embraces it and utilizes it as a turbo return generator. Yesterday when the markets were down and volatility was on the rise, we opted to place some very wide butterflies (options trading strategy, which allows for the use of smaller capital). Once placed, the butterfly provides a wide range of profit in relation to the price of the underlying. Will it work out perfectly, few things in this world do, though in our opinion it is the best way to maximize on current market conditions. To join the road to greater opportunity and building of wealth, click subscribe and let’s be on the journey together.

Today, this market seems to be again, undecided. It really could go violently in either direction. We will be watching for signs of weakness in both directions and look to capitalize on!

Insiders, TSLA will be reporting earnings after the close day. Volatility will be prime as we approach the close. Keep your eyes on your inbox!

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